If you’ve been following Kodi Lee’s time on AGT All Stars, you probably already know that Lee, who is both autistic and legally blind, did not take home the grand prize last night. In fact, he didn’t even make the Top 5. Something that seemed to shock both the judges and the crowd.

The winner, as voted on by Superfans??? was teen aerialist, Aidan Bryant, the first aerialist to win the big title and prize. Bryant mesmerized the crowd with his self-taught and risky aerial skills. Amazing.

Do you think the Superfans got it right? Or should the judges choose the winner, especially with such a big $$ prize at stake?

Regardless, Kodi Lee did a great job (as did comedian, Josh Blue, who has cerebral palsy and didn’t make the finals). Both created more awareness and acceptance of disabilities, and Lee already got himself a great gig in Vegas. All because of his appearances on AGT (which he won) & on All Stars.

Kodi Lee is already a big winner.

(Josh Blue’s comedy career is going gangbusters, too).

Congrats to all the acts that made it to the finale.

No small feat.

America definitely has talent.


A reminder that the 2023 finale of America’s Got Talent All Stars, with a slew of guest artists, airs tonight at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

While there are several terrific performers in the finale group, many viewers are pulling for Kodi Lee, the incredibly talented musician who is both blind and autistic.

Lee’s appearance on AGT and AGT All Stars has done much for autism awareness/acceptance, and he now has his own show in Vegas.

Make no mistake, Kodi Lee’s appearance is a big television moment for the disability community.

One long overdue.

Will Lee now walk away with the million-dollar prize?

Tune in and cheer for yourself.

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