This week’s Sassy Fashionista is about adding a little bling. That special something that even if you are dressed pretty comfy and casually, it will easily help elevate your look.

Make you feel a bit sassy, too.

Kind of a lazy way to elevate your fashion look and keep it affordable, too.

I’m all for it.

This past weekend, I added two necklaces from Anthropologie to my bling stash, neither of which was overall costly.

I took full advantage of Anthro’s busy Saturday afternoon, pre-Christmas discount of 30 percent on all jewelry to pick up these two choker necklaces, which seem to be pretty popular right now.

The gold, chain-link necklace with a faux padlock caught my eye first. It’s bold like me. Then, I saw the lovely black and white crystal choker. Feminine and not too sparkly.

Rocker chick and girly.

Both are well made, and at less than $50 each, I think they are a good buy/find. They look at least as expensive as some of the other pricey gems I’ve been eyeing lately.

It pays to shop around, especially on items like this. You don’t need to break the bank to get the look of a little bling. Safer, too.

Add the 30 percent discount, and I got two great pieces for under $100.

I just bought them yesterday, so I’m pretty sure you can still get your hands on them, and maybe the good discount, too.

Would make a great gift for yourself, or someone else.

Or maybe both.

‘Tis the season!

Happy Holidays!

With little Sassy Fashionista bling!

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