Nothing dampens my best efforts to be a Sassy Fashionista more quickly than bone-chilling wind chills and a big, old-fashioned blizzard, a perfect storm that makes me want to hide under a beautiful, cozy Anthropologie throw and binge Netflix.

Such is life in much of the country right now.

My main focus these past few days has been on dressing warmly, while still a tiny bit stylish. For me, that means layering thinner fashion choices that provide lots of warmth, but no sweating. Because I overheat easily.

I do not like, nor do I look very good in, big bulky sweaters and big winter coats that make me look like the Micheline Tire mascot.

Get my cold-winter-fashion drift?

It’s also the kind of weather when one wants to get dressed as quickly as possible, because it can be tough and expensive to fully heat your abode at temps high enough to put your clothes on comfortably after a hot shower.

So, for this week, I’m keeping fashion real, and real simple.

I’m wearing a new pair of Athleta jogger bottoms, (loving Athleta pieces lately!), a black long-sleeve top from Express, topped with a very warm and soft Anthropologie sweater purchased a year ago, and my trusty Birkies, which I’ll switch out for warm Boggs before heading outside.

For a little bling, I’ve added some of favorite rings and a lovely crystal Italian necklace recently scored at T.J. Maxx, that helps make me feel like I at least tried to look good, and maybe a little girly. Simple dressing, and warm.

That’s all I got for this week, folks, and that’s okay.

I’ll be back to my usual fashion flash for the next blog post, an outfit I will definitely plan ahead of time so I can get dressed quickly and avoid serious fashion chill.

Don’t know about you, but I’m already ready for spring.

That’s me being a big winter crybaby.

How do you balance staying warm and still looking stylish when the temp takes a big dive?

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