A few years back, I wrote a major feature on bullying for the Lansing State Journal before it became a hot topic. What amazed me then, maybe even more than the courage of the students who spoke out honestly for the article, were the adults who said to me after reading the piece, ‘these kids need to get a thicker skin.’ I’ve never forgotten that.

Today, bullying is still a subject dear to my heart, in large part because kids with special needs are at increased risk for such unwelcome comments and actions because of their differences. We can and must change this mean-spirited, ugly and deadly culture. It takes all of our voices to impact the needed change. No child should be subjected to such treatment in our school hallways, online or at home.

Please, take a moment and add your voice here and helps change a child’s life. Talk to your children and let them know in no uncertain terms that bullying is not okay. Peer behavior and leadership is huge part of the solution to this problem, but adults must set the example.

I repeat what I wrote in an earlier post today. Silence changes nothing.

Let’s get loud.

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