For those of you who have lost a child, and for those looking to support loved ones facing this tremendous loss, I’m thrilled to remind you that The Compassionate Friends annual Worldwide Candle Lighting will be held on December 9th.

It has been nearly five years since I lost my own son. I know how tough the holidays can be for a bereaved parent and their family and friends. The death of a child is the worst loss anyone can be asked to endure, but I know you can survive with the right support; I’m living proof. That’s why I’m pleased to again share this tremendous resource with you.

The Compassionate Friends “is a national nonprofit, self-help support organization that offers friendship, understanding, and hope to bereaved parents, grandparents and siblings.” They have no religious affiliation and there’s no cost involved, either.

To read more about my own involvement in this annual event, visit my December 2006 entry on this blog. To find out more about this year’s event and the non-profit organization responsible for the candle lighting effort, visit

May this simple ceremony bring you peace this holiday season. For one night, it may help you to know that you are not alone. Millions of others do understand your pain and your tears, including me.
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