What exactly is ‘normal’ anyway?

That age-old question has helped inspire a group of talented young people to create the cool new national campaign I am NORM, a project that challenges us to redefine terminology, while promoting inclusion for those with special needs.

This ground-breaking inclusion project first came to my attention from photojournalism/filmmaker/dad, Dan Habib, who has been creating a buzz of his own with his terrific, award-winning documentary Including Samuel. The film documents the efforts of the Habib family to fully include their son Samuel, who has cerebral palsy, into their lives and into society. Habib’s film helped fuel the I am NORM campaign, which is led by our nation’s youth, a population I believe can and will change the world with their spirited advocacy efforts. True inclusion happens at the peer level.

You can check out the important work of I am NORM here. Then, add your own valuable voice to the discussion, and pass the word. Those involved with the campaign state, “we believe diversity makes us stronger.” I couldn’t agree more.

Special Note: National Inclusive Schools Week is Dec. 6 thru Dec. 10. Download an I am NORM Educational Guide here.