If you read my Garden Moments blog on this website, you will quickly learn that I love gardening. It’s a passion of mine passed down one generation to another.

From my mama.

I carry on a tradition she adored, and I hope she’s smiling down from that big, beautiful garden in the sky where she now resides as she sees me talk to my plants, too.

So, in honor of Marie’s passion, this week’s Sassy Fashionista is a practical one.

But it’s also a bit stylish, too.

This adorable gardening belt grabbed my eye as soon as I spotted it in a new home goods store last weekend.

The store’s stylist had cleverly placed this item as a belt over a really cute light weight sleeveless sweater dress that was 75 percent off!

Which I also bought.

The gardening belt was $45. It has lots of places to carry my twine and scissors and trowel. All things I was carrying around unsuccessfully in my hands.

No longer!

The solid canvas of this creative garden belt should hold up well against nature’s elements and all that dirt I’m sure to get on it.

Fashion isn’t always about razzle dazzle, garden fashionistas.

Sometimes, practical rocks.

Like with this unexpected purchase.

See you in the garden!

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