I admit I am a jewelry girl.

I‘m not into 6-inch stilettos.

Or even 4-inch stilettos.

I’ve tried. I wobble all over the place.

Don’t need to have a swoon worthy, crazy expensive purse label on my arm daily.

Afraid of ruining it.

Don’t need to judge my fashion choices by influencers or pricetag.

I’m fine right now with the $20 comfy, stylish jeans I’m sporting today with a simple black tank and black Birkenstock patent-leather sandles.

I feel stylish, comfy and all things good.

But one thing I do love.


Diamonds the size of baseballs have never been my best friend, dazzling as they may be.

A Rolex watch will never define me.

Especially since I can’t afford one and I would worry endlessly about being robbed of it in public.

But big, beautiful rings handcrafted by talented artisans using natural stone and metal that interweave and showcase their finest work?

That I absolutely love.

One such metalwork jewelry artist whose work I covet on a regular basis is Melissa Banks at RaptinMaille.com.

Her work is simply beautiful, with designs that make a statement, often those of a rock and roll bent.

Her pieces aren’t for those trying to quietly hide behind their femininity.

They are bold and easily noticed. With impeccable craftsmanship.

They make me feel bolder and sassier and ready to slay the next life goal.

I try to add at least one piece a year, because like all fine art, they are not inexpensive.

But they are gorgeous.

But for what I get and how it makes me feel, it’s an affordable investment.

Rings, like the one pictured here, are my biggest weakness.

This one made of a Phosphosiderate Rectangle stone in purple with metal flowers is my latest score during an online sale Melissa holds from time to time. The photo doesn’t do the color justice, always a challenge posting images online.

The bigger the natural stone, the better.

This latest bold decision and big ring love has nothing to do with diamonds.

Probably never will.

I‘m perfectly at peace with that realization.

And that’s how I added bling to $20 comfy jeans on this late-June Monday.

Is jewelry love your fashion thing, too?