Those of you familiar with my work as a writer have probably already figured out that I’m big on adding a humorous take to even the most infuriating and exhausting life challenges. My experience says that savoring regular loud guffaws, complete with a couple of loud, ugly snorts, can be a pretty useful survival tool, one that allows us to claim renewed perspective for even the toughest life events.

I believe that a hearty belly laugh, or even a good joke that makes us smile wide enough to show all of our teeth, holds the power to cure most of what ails us. In my efforts to help you end your year on a more positive, uplifting note, and keep all those 2007 resolutions that you are making (or not) into perspective, I encourage you to read the words of one of favorite columnists, and my friend, John Schneider. John’s words about his own failed New Year’s resolutions in today’s Lansing State Journal made me laugh as I choked down my healthy bowl of oatmeal sprinkled with wheat germ and blueberries, and prepared to wave bye bye to 2006.

I hope that John’s refreshing, human take on our mad pursuit of New Year’s perfection rarely achieved will brighten your year-end celebrations, and put your own take on New Year’s goals into clearer focus, too. Enjoy! / John Schneider, columnist/ Sunday, Dec. 31st entitled: “I’m not perfect yet, but it could happen in 2007.”

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…And be sure to come back and read mine regularly, too!

So long 2006! I’m ready for you 2007! I think….