I live near the beach, so it’s easy for this Sassy Fashionista to just grab a towel and a beverage or book and head down to the sand and surf, pulling a wagon if needed, especially if I’m with the grandkids.

I rarely take a beach bag.

But when I was in T.J. Maxx this past weekend, I found this adorable summer beach tote by Tommy Bahama for $39.99 with inside pockets! I just had to have it. Blame the impulse grab on the sweet summer-like blue/white stripes and rattan weave. Or the oppressive heat/humidity that makes me feel like I need to live in the chilly big lake surf every day until fall!

I hate oppressive heat and humidity, and global warming. But I digress…

I was in love with this bag. So, I bought it, along with a really cute designer-name peach/white beach tunic on clearance I grabbed on the way out. Both were one of kind. I figure the bag can do double duty for all those sweet-summer markets stops, and a cute tunic can always double as street clothes after beachin’ it.

Sometimes, you get lucky when you aren’t looking for anything fashion specific. Great when it also works with your budget, and the rattan doesn’t scratch your sunburned skin!


This was one of those cool finds.

How about you? Are you a beach bag girl?

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