I just love this post shared on a friend’s Facebook page this morning and had to pass it on. Interestingly enough, I’ve gotten more than one e-mail from teachers and counselors who are now parents of kids with special needs who confirm that they, too, had little clue as to how tough this parenting gig really was.

Fortunately, Eric had more good teachers/team members than not. But it was never easy. My heart and thanks also go out to all those outstanding professionals who do care deeply about our children, but lack the resources, proper training and funding to meet such challenging special needs educational goals. We have a long way to go before no child is truly left behind.We can and must do better for all concerned. Putting kids in classrooms without the proper preparation, resources, staff and training is not inclusion. It’s a recipe for educational failure.

Unfortunately, too often parents must then remain ever vigilant working to ensure that their children’s educational/legal needs and rights are being met. This creates additional and unfair stress on the family units that are often already struggling under the weight of their parenting responsibilities, including financial. Could you do it? There has to a better way for all involved, especially the children.

One of the greatest gifts of this mother’s post is the rapid-fire discussion it has generated from all sides. People are talking, and that is always a good thing.

Read An Apology From Your Child’s Teacher here. I have to go discover more about the mom/blogger who wrote this terrific piece.

Amazing how quickly the sting comes back, even after all these years.